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The Hobie Dragoon is a lightweight performance catamaran that boasts twin trapeze and optional spinnaker. Perfect for youth training/racing or single-handed adult sailing, this catamaran is a versatile vessel that delivers an exhilarating sailing experience. Its lightweight construction makes it easy to manoeuvre on land and water with just one person. Additionally, the Hobie Dragoon is designed to be easily righted single-handedly, making it a safe and reliable option for sailors of all skill levels.


Available in the Dragoon Club for clubs and single-handed sailing or the Dragoon Xtreme for Youth training and racing.

Hobie Dragoon

This item can be pre-ordered. Delivery from point of order is approx 2-4 weeks.
  • Due to fluctuation exchange rates and shipping the price for the Hobie 16 is available on enquiry- please call us on 01202 671661.

  • Delivery available on request.

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